Catch a Raindrop


The kids can collect and save raindrops too.   We don’t get much rain here in Arizona, but when we do it’s a downpour (and major event).  To catch raindrops:
1.  cover a cookie sheet with a layer of flour
2.  Hold the pan in your hands, put it out in the rain and take it back in quickly.  You want some raindrops to fall on the pan, but not so many that you turn the flour into paste.
3.  Bake the pan in an oven (250 degrees for about 30 minutes).  Make sure you don’t use a forced air or convection oven (which will make particles of the flour fly around the oven and could start a fire).
4.  When the cookie sheet cools, put the flour through a strainer.  The strainer will collect little pebble-like raindrops.  Most should be relatively spherical and hard, like little rocks.
This is an amazingly fun and simple thing to do on a rainy day.  The raindrops do not keep their shapes but the relative sizes are interesting.  It’s fun to catch raindrops in a drizzle and compare them to a downpour.

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